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Rebecca Reusch is a girl who went missing on February 18, 2019 from Berlin, Germany. Case [] Rebecca stayed overnight from February 17 to 18 with her sister, her 27-year-old boyfriend and their child in Berlin. After her sister left the house with the child around 7 a.m., her brother-in-law and Rebecca were left behind.

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Rebecca Reusch was reported missing February 18th when she did not come home after school. She had spent the night before at the house of her oldest sister Jessica and her brother-in law.

Rebecca Berlin

Erneut wurde das Wohnhaus von Rebeccas Schwager durchsucht. Dieser wird noch immer als Beschuldigter geführt. Überraschende Nachricht im Fall der vor mehr als vier Jahren verschwundenen Rebecca aus Berlin: Laut Staatsanwaltschaft und Polizei ist es erneut zu einer Durchsuchung des Hauses von Rebeccas Schwager im Berliner Ortsteil Britz gekommen.

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More than six months after the disappearance of 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch from Berlin, police have started a new search operation in east Brandenburg.

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Rebecca Reusch. Photo: DPA. The teenager was last seen alive on the morning of February 18th at her brother-in-law's apartment. The man, named as Florian R due to German media naming conventions.

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German missing person Rebecca Reusch disappeared on February 18, 2019. The investigators are still groping in the dark. The family believes that the girl is still alive.-The Berlin schoolgirl Rebecca Reusch disappeared a year ago-The police assume a murder-Rebecca's brother-in-law was arrested on suspicion of murder, but was released again-The family keeps turning to the Media and believes in.

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September 28, 2021 by Juliane Cunha Rebecca has disappeared in a virtually clueless case. The main suspect is her brother-in-law, but the victim's family denies his involvement. Rebecca Reusch born in Berlin, Germany, has been missing since February 18, 2019.

Rebecca Berlin

Berlin - She has been missing for over two years: Rebecca Reusch from Berlin. It is one of the best-known cases of missing persons in Germany, and the case keeps making headlines with new details. Nobody knows what happened to the then 15-year-old who disappeared in February 2019.

Rebecca Berlin

Rebecca Reusch missing: Is informed of the case? When the then 15-Year-old in the house of their sister in Berlin-Britz stayed, knows no one, that Rebecca would apply as soon as missing. Although since the 18th century.

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February 2019 is missing from the then-15-year-old Rebecca Reusch each track. Long as the brother-in-law of the girl as the suspicious was . Meanwhile, the arrest warrant against , Florian R. has been repealed. A photo from anonymous source brings the family a new hopes . Berlin - Since your Disappear February 2019 Rebecca Reusch is

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Die Schülerin verschwand 2019 spurlos aus dem Haus von Familienangehörigen. Was über den Fall bekannt ist. Der Vermisstenfall Rebecca hielt die Hauptstadtregion 2019 in Atem. Vier Jahre nach dem Verschwinden der damals 15-jährigen Schülerin sucht eine Mordkommission des Landeskriminalamtes Berlin weiter nach einer aussagekräftigen Spur.

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BERLIN (AP) — Hundreds of police officers are searching for a teenager who went missing in Berlin last month in a case that has distressed Germany.. The search comes after investigators said earlier this week that the 15-year-old, only identified as Rebecca, was probably no longer alive and that her 27-year-old brother-in-law was a suspect.

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On February 18, 2019, the then-fifteen-year-old Rebecca Reusch went missing after spending the night with her sister and her brother-in-law, Florian R. After that night, Rebecca wouldn't be seen again. According to investigations, Rebecca slept in the living room at their house on the night of February 17.

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Keine Spur im Fall Rebecca R. Von Markus Wehner, Berlin. - Aktualisiert am 18.02.2022 - 14:03. Vermisst: Flugblätter, mit denen nach Rebecca R. gesucht wurde Bild: dpa. Seit drei Jahren ist.

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Rebecca Reusch | Missing from Berlin Danelle Hallan 660K subscribers Subscribe 17K 505K views 2 years ago CASE SUGGESTIONS FORM CASE SUGGESTIONS.

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Updated: 03/10/202122:29 fromJennifer LanzingerconcludeRebecca Reusch from Berlin is still missing, now the prosecutor is talking about details of the investigation. Missing Rebecca Reusch: Now the prosecutor speaks - New details of the investigation published - Pledge Times