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Conjugation of french verb dire Se dire Dire in passive voice Dire in female form Ne pas dire Dire ? Indicative Present je d is tu d is il d it nous d isons vous d ites ils d isent Present Perfect j' ai d it tu as d it il a d it nous avons d it vous avez d it ils ont d it Imperfect je d isais tu d isais il d isait nous d isions vous d isiez

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Verbs Ending in "-dire" Are Conjugated Like Dire Dire is the root of a family of French irregular verbs ending in -dire. All French verbs that have this ending are conjugated in the same way, so that makes each a little easier to learn. There is one exception, though.

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French Verb Conjugations Dire is one of the most important French verbs - here's how to conjugate it into every tense and mood. Dire is an irregular -re verb. Je te dis la vérité ! - I'm telling you the truth! Share / Tweet / Pin Me! Dire conjugations quiz Listening Dire conjugations Dire lessons How to use dire Expressions with dire Dire in action

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To conjugate "dire" in the imperfect tense, you use the stem "dis-" and add the appropriate endings: - Je disais (I was saying/telling). Conjugating the French verb "dire" may seem complex at first, but with practice, you can master its various tenses and moods. Whether you're expressing something in the present, recounting a.

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The verb "dire" means to say or to tell. We use the dire conjugation in French to express or transmit words, ideas, thoughts or information, either verbally or in writing, or even through gestures.

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"Dire" is a common French verb that means "to say" or "to tell." Conjugating "dire" in different tenses and with different subject pronouns is an important part of using this verb in conversation and writing. Here's how to conjugate "dire" in the present tense: Je dis (I say) Tu dis (You say - informal) Il/Elle/On dit (He/She/One says)

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A list of the common conjugations for the French verb dire, along with their English translations. This is a literary tense, i.e. a tense used in writing, in everyday speech the Passé Composé is used to refer to past actions. The French Future Perfect or Futur antérieur is made with the future tense of avoir or être and the past participle.

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French conjugation: the best way to learn how to conjugate a French verb. Write the infinitive or a conjugated form and the French Conjugator will provide you a list of all the verb tenses and persons: future, participle, present, subjunctive, auxiliary verb. Translate a French verb in context, with examples of use and see its definition.


Here are the conjugations for the French verb "dire" in all tenses: Present tense: Je dis Tu dis Il/elle/on dit Nous disons Vous dites Ils/elles disent Imperfect tense: Je disais Tu disais Il/elle/on disait Nous disions Vous disiez Ils/elles disaient Future tense: Je dirai Tu diras Il/elle/on dira Nous dirons Vous direz Ils/elles diront

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Conjugation French verb dire 3rd group verb - dire is a direct transtive verb dire to the pronominal form : se dire Auxiliary verb used with dire : avoir dire feminine | dire passive voice | dire feminine passive voice Translation dire dire to say Indicatif (Indicative) Présent (Present) je d is tu d is il d it nous d isons vous d ites

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A Telling French Verb. Dire is one of the most common and useful French verbs and has irregular conjugations.Dire literally means "to say" or "to tell," and is also found in many idiomatic expressions.. Dire = to say / to tell. Dire can mean either "to say" or "to tell." For English speakers learning French, this is easy: you can use dire for either. For French speakers learning English.

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French verb 'dire' conjugated. Conjugator. English French Portuguese Spanish More Verb Conjugation. Noun Declination. Verb Finder.

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'dire' is the model of its conjugation. infinitif : participe présent : participe passé : forme pronominale : dire dis ant dit se dire ⇒ traduction anglaise traduction espagnole indicatif formes composées / compound tenses subjonctif conditionnel impératif *Blue letters in conjugations are irregular forms. ( example)

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'dire' conjugation table in French Go to the definition page of dire Indicative Subjunctive Imperative Infinitive dire Past Participle dit Gerund disant Indicative Present je dis tu dis il/elle dit nous disons vous dites ils/elles disent Present Perfect j' ai dit tu as dit il/elle a dit nous avons dit vous avez dit ils/elles ont dit Imperfect

French verbs to know / Verbes à connaître Elsa French Teacher

Conjugation verb dire in French X French Conjugate dire say; tell; mean;. Infinitif dire Participe Présent disant Participe Passé dit Model : dire Auxiliary : avoir Other forms: se dire / ne pas dire / ne pas se dire Advertising Indicatif Présent je dis tu dis il/elle dit nous disons vous dites ils/elles disent Imparfait je disais tu disais